[ПРОФИЛЬ ПЕРЕВОДЧИКА: Лешко Татьяна Владимировна]

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Образование: высшее лингвистическое образование
Опыт: I have been working with Mr Michael Grant, CEO of “Online Fortunes”, and owner of www.make-online-fortunes.com and www.bestonlinefortunes.com , and www.sharikidlyaprazdnika.com. declared himself willing to be quoted in this CV as having said the aforementioned to me on numerous occasions as a result of the high quality of my work and character. He can be contacted locally at +375445199266. I am the author of the content given on his website www.make-online-fortunes.com, moreover I translated it from English into Russian and German. Moreover, I was listed as a freelancer in the database of www.free-lance.ru and www.freelance.ru
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